Does Traditional Marketing Still Work in the Digital Age?

In 2017 all you ever hear about are things like digital marketing, live stream, virtual reality and social media marketing. In fact, 9 out of 10 marketing guides you encounter are not likely to even mention traditional marketing, except as a footnote. All of this makes one wonder if investing in traditional marketing is still … Read more

Repairing Your Credit History

Repairing your credit score is similar to losing weight. If you have a bad credit history, there’s no quick fix that can instantly make you eligible for taking high loans. So, don’t listen to ‘financial gurus,’ who offer expensive advice on repairing your credit score fast. In order to increase your score, you’ll need to … Read more

Brave the Marketing Wilderness

The advent of the digital age has led many people to announce the golden era of marketing. The surge of social media and inexpensive promotional channels has changed the game and leveled the marketing field. However, surviving in the marketing jungle is a tough task. The amount of marketing content available everywhere is astounding, and … Read more

Mindful leadership?! What hippy BS!

  I once went to a seminar which was all about “Mindfulness.” The participants were mostly middle-aged or older men and women who looked at each other with squinty eyes as if they were bathing in compassion and delight. I was very young at that time and this all seemed very pretentious to me. They … Read more

The Importance of Adventure and Play

Remember when you were a child? I sort of do, not as well as I’d like to but well enough to remember that all I wanted to do was go on adventures and play. Cindy Lauper had something similar to say about girls, minus the adventure part… Yeah I know the songs probably in your … Read more

4 Steps To Stop Minimizing Yourself In Your Own Life

How can you win when you keep playing small? You stay too long. You allow too much. You don’t insist on anything. You compromise all the time … in relationships, marriages and jobs. You say yes when you want to say no. You bend over backwards for others who never do the same in return. … Read more

How I Won

Illness, challenges, disability, These are all things that I am familiar with. I went through years of pain and depression, I was debilitated, I couldn’t work, I couldn’t eat, I was taking morphine daily, andI had serious surgery. I now live with the constant reminders of that surgery. But I also live a life that … Read more

Predefined or Redefined.

We have this bad habit of duplicating what we have seen. When my wife and I got married for instance we had only ever witnessed two roles within the family structure, one was aggressive and one was passive and neither were healthy. Within a week of being married we ran into issues, I am the … Read more