Brave the Marketing Wilderness

The advent of the digital age has led many people to announce the golden era of marketing. The surge of social media and inexpensive promotional channels has changed the game and leveled the marketing field. However, surviving in the marketing jungle is a tough task. The amount of marketing content available everywhere is astounding, and cutting through that noise is an imposing task. Marketers are under tremendous pressure to increase growth and return on investment, while newcomers feel overwhelmed by the volume of available tools, tactics and platforms. So, how to make sense of it all and ensure that the blessings of digital marketing are bestowed upon you?

Digital persona

You could say marketing is a mix of science and art. That is to say that an individual must nurture creative thinking, but also acquire technical skills. It all starts with a clear idea about the value you can add to the Internet. Note that it is best to offer something others cannot, and that the chief mission is to separate your digital persona from the swarms of other websites. You need to speak with a distinctive voice and tell a relevant story using visuals, audio, text and other tools. This should help you accomplish two things: increase visibility in search engines and drive more Internet traffic your way.

One of the main things to consider is the outline of your website. This is the first thing your potential customers will see, so it needs to be well-designed and appealing. Making a state-of-the-art website is no walk in the park, so muse on hiring a professional for the job. The next crucial thing is to make it easy for visitors to navigate the content and find the desired information with only a few clicks. With the majority of people using mobile devices for online searches, it is obvious that one must optimize the website to provide the best possible experience for mobile users.

Into the network marketing

You might not get very far in the digital arena without making an effort to establish bonds with other industry influencers, renowned professionals and prominent figures. Thus, expanding your network of contacts is one of the major tasks for those seeking to promote their business online. There are a myriad of places where people who buy and sell products and services dwell. Namely, apart from LinkedIn, there are many other professional networks that focus on a specific industry. So, reach out to people in your niche and try to take advantage of guest posting opportunities. If you are feeling lost, check out these network marketing tips.

Now, although people spend a staggering amount of time online, their attention spans are shortened. That is why visual content steals the online show. An average visitor is more likely to click on a blog post that has an engaging headline and a photo attached. What is more, video tutorials and compelling graphics attract more visitors than long texts and articles jam-packed with arid info. Another thing to bear in mind is that identifying your target audience helps a great deal in crafting content that will capture attention and convey the branded message.

This is the foundation upon which a content marketing strategy is built. Once you figure out the type of content which will best hit the mark, it is time to choose the channels for its delivery. People are using email and SMS to a lesser extent and embracing the benefits of social media. An account on a network like Facebook is a mighty tool for advertising, customer service and transmitting information. Here, the shareability of the content is what determines whether it will be snowed in under a mountain of other posts, or stand out in the cluttered digital world.

Rumble in the jungle

The marketing jungle is teeming with adventurers, daredevils, explorers, wanderers and motley fauna. There are many aspirants to the throne of the animal kingdom, and no shortage of people looking to win the royal favor. To ram your way through and tame the wilderness, you must come up with a clear vision, a solid strategy and various weapons in your arsenal. It is a brave new marketing world out there, so roar like no other specimen and let everything that crawls, walks or flies spread the word.