Increase Your Personal Budget by Monetizing Your Digital Skills

For all those who believe that their spending habits aren’t as big of a problem as their lack of adequate income, there are several things that can be done to improve the latter. Selling assets and downscaling when it comes to your lifestyle habits are viable, yet, unpleasant choices. Instead, you might want to try … Read more

What to do To Change Your Finances for the Better

One of the most difficult personal choices you can make is deciding to get your finances in order. As soon as you start doing that you’ll realize that your financial decisions are very much a reflection of your life is organized and what your priorities are. These are hard things to change and it will … Read more

Time Management for Business Travelers: 5 Useful Sanity-Saving Tips

business travel

Business trips are a way of life for many entrepreneurs. For the uninitiated, it sounds like a glamorous way of life filled with adventure and exotic locations, but whoever has traveled for business at least a few times knows that it can be a total disaster filled with delays and problems. The fact that you … Read more

Does Traditional Marketing Still Work in the Digital Age?

In 2017 all you ever hear about are things like digital marketing, live stream, virtual reality and social media marketing. In fact, 9 out of 10 marketing guides you encounter are not likely to even mention traditional marketing, except as a footnote. All of this makes one wonder if investing in traditional marketing is still … Read more