What are your afraid of. Go do that. Don’t do anything else until you have gone and done that. You see humans are amazing at making up stories. Why do we do this?  Because these stories keep us safe. Well they used to. In the past they kept us safe from tigers and lions and … Read more

Mindful leadership?! What hippy BS!

  I once went to a seminar which was all about “Mindfulness.” The participants were mostly middle-aged or older men and women who looked at each other with squinty eyes as if they were bathing in compassion and delight. I was very young at that time and this all seemed very pretentious to me. They … Read more

Your INTUITION is calling…are you listening?

Intuition is defined by Merriam-Webster as “a natural ability or power that makes it possible to know something without any proof or evidence.” It’s also been described as a knowing that skips conscious reasoning. In a society that places so much value and merit on the workings of the human mind, our intuitions go unnoticed. … Read more

Harnessing Emotional Upset at Work to Drive Change

When I was younger, I was pretty fear-driven at work.  Always worrying about not being good enough, I tended to have emotional reactions to happenings that were way out of proportion to the actual event.  I was still effective in many ways, but those emotions kept me feeling really caged.  It was not a fun … Read more

4 Steps To Stop Minimizing Yourself In Your Own Life

How can you win when you keep playing small? You stay too long. You allow too much. You don’t insist on anything. You compromise all the time … in relationships, marriages and jobs. You say yes when you want to say no. You bend over backwards for others who never do the same in return. … Read more