Moving Past Overwhelm and Self Doubt in Business

Today we are talking about moving past overwhelm and self doubt in business. I’m in the situation right now by building my business part time while still going each weekday to my full time job. It’s not easy at all as you have to be very dedicated, schedule your business time in and have time for yourself as well. You feel like you are juggling so many balls in the air at one time. Often you feel torn between family time, day job time, business time and self-care time as there is just so much going on all the time.

So let’s get back to basics why you started your business? You have this massive vision to change the world and you know in your heart being an entrepreneur is the right path for you. You start your business which you are so unbelievably excited about because this is your opportunity to follow your dreams. Every spare moment you use to learn, doing things to move you and your business forward.

This is nicely painted picture and sometimes this is exactly how it is which is so much fun. As life goes up and down you will find yourself climbing the mountain with the most amazing view then everything comes crashing down into the valley sometimes in the blink of an eye. The valley for me is called overwhelm and self doubt which happens to all of us from time to time. This usually happens when we reach new comfort zones and pushing our existing boundaries.

Today in this blog post we are talking about the overwhelm and what to do when it happens to you. As sooner or later it will come up while building your dream business. It’s how you choose the handle this overwhelm and self doubt to move forward in your business again.

Self Care Time

Do you find self care is often the first thing you throw out the window, but it’s actually the one thing you need the most when you are feeling overwhelmed? Please put your virtual hand up if this sounds like you? I’m completely guilty of this but sometimes you just need to remind yourself right now that you need self care now.

The best thing for me is to stop everything I’m doing and sit down for 10 minutes. A mini meditation is the best thing to quieten the mind, quieten the overwhelm and to give yourself the opportunity to stop. Sometimes you might just need a bit longer so listen to your heart for what it needs right now. If meditation isn’t for you a stroll around the park or a quick gym session might do the trick just tap into what you feel you need. The key is to schedule self care time into your calendar everyday, every second day or weekly which one resonates.

Quieten the noisy mind

When you feel overwhelmed and self-doubt I guarantee your mind starts to get very noisy. Thoughts come flooding in I’m not good enough, I should be able to do this, Why are things so hard? Welcome to your belief system in action. We all have a belief’s system made up of conscious and unconscious thoughts running in the background of our mind all the time. When we are top of world these beliefs are quiet because we are too happy to pay too much attention to them. Spending time in the lower points is when these beliefs will come back up again and self-doubt will creep back in. To quieten the mind down like we did above in the meditation or do a belief’s exercise. Write out every single belief’s you feel that’s coming up for you in this moment just let it all come out with no filter. Once you have it written down in front of you let the feelings go. There are many different ways to do this it could be an affirmation to say or meditate on this.

Don’t be afraid to speak to someone

The third point I wanted to include is the most important in my opinion which is to speak to someone. You don’t have to go this journey by yourself, as there is always someone out there to talk to about what you are feeling. As a coach I speak to other coaches and other women in business because this is whom I feel the most comfortable with. It can be anyone like your best friend, partner, family member or a facebook group. Just by speaking about what you are feeling will bring everything to the surface and it’s easier to see the next steps to move away from this overwhelm feelings.

Thank you so much for joining me today to talk about moving past overwhelm and self doubt in business. I would love to know what tools do you use when you feel overwhelmed? Please share with me below.


Rebecca Ruiz is a certified confidence life coach and freelance copywriter for women at Life Perceptions. She is an ambassador for self-esteem, confidence and finding happiness from within. Her life purpose is to work with women to empower them through individual confidence life coaching, her articles and motivational speaking events.

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