3 Quick and Easy Ways to be More Confident in Your Life

Today we are going to learn 3 quick and easy ways to be more confident in your life. It’s a fact that we often hide our gifts and talents because we don’t feel confident within ourselves to stand out.

I understand that standing out from others in your life, business and career is down right scary because people will see the real you. You want to put yourself out there and make a positive difference to people in their lives, but you are well afraid of how they will judge you. Together we are going to discuss these steps so by the end of the blog you can stand up and be more confident in your everyday life.

You have everything already inside of you, so push fear out of the way

It’s totally true you are born with your unique gifts, talents and your own confident voice. The world needs these talents but when you are too scared to stand up and be confident it’s not easy. I agree it’s frustrating, which I know as I am speaking from my past experience. If I was to tell you by just bringing awareness to your current thoughts and what you have already done in the past, you can tap in to everything you already have inside you.

Start by looking at all the amazing things you have already achieved in your life and have a small celebration with me. See you can achieve these things because you have already done so in the past. You have everything inside you to push your fear aside by just changing your thoughts to being more positive. If you believe it is possible and you trust yourself, it is possible to use this fear to move yourself to being a more confident version of you.

Connect with your inner strength

We all have an inner strength inside of us but when times get tough in our life this is when the strength shows up. When faced with a big challenge we have to stand up and fight for what we believe in because we have to. This could be during a relationship breakdown, losing your job or a massive disagreement with someone close to you.

I want you to think of a time you have had to use your inner strength to solve a problem in your life? What did you learn from this experience? We have this inner strength inside us all the time it’s just when we have no choice it shows up to protect us. Which means that remembering when you need this inner strength it’s actually already there, so tapping in to this when you need it. It’s an amazing gift you can use anytime you feel you need to.

Been ok with not always sharing the same view as other people.

We are all born different so it’s a fact we are not going to agree with everything people say and do. It’s completely ok to have a different view to the person next to you but its here I want to talk about been confident to do this.

Next time you are faced with a situation that you don’t agree with what someone is saying I want to challenge you to share your view. You don’t have to make a big deal about it just say I don’t agree but I feel this would be better and whatever your point of view is. See it’s actually not that bad as people value your opinion and you might have a different perspective they haven’t thought of. Be confident with your own voice and next time say something.

I have loved taking on this journey with you today and letting me inspire you to share more of your gifts and talents with the world. Confidence is something we can learn so anything is possible once we get out of the way from ourselves.