Clarity, Choices, and Your Job Search

By: Deb Elbaum Being in a professional transition – whether looking for your next job or thinking about making a career change – is one of the toughest places to be. Feelings of doubt, uncertainty, and powerlessness are common. But here’s what you need to remember: you have more choices and more control over the situation … Read more

Toddler-Like Trust: 5 Steps to A Life Fully-Lived

By: Syntyche Smith The not knowing of life can be paralyzing. Worrying about what others will think, combined with the fear of failure shuts you down and takes away your courage to try. The “What if” questions, followed by the string of negative thoughts, emotions, stress and the physical symptoms of stress threaten to suck your … Read more

The Art of Flirting

By: Lori Ann Davis, MA, CRS. Whether you are new to the dating scene or are in a long-term relationship, one thing remains the same; flirting is still key to expressing your affections towards someone! We all know that communication is one of the most important aspects of any relationship, but who said it has to … Read more

Women In Transition

By Verena Risse The specific challenges of living life as a woman and 4 tools that help turning them into opportunities. Transition? By this, I mean a state of change in people’s life. It can be self‑induced or come as an external input. Transition is a period when people leave their comfort zones. They leave … Read more

Secrets to Creating Everlasting Love

By Lori Ann Davis, MA, CRS We fall in love and dream of living happily ever after. Unfortunately, this is not the norm. Too many couples either end up getting divorced, or they settle for a less-than relationship. I am passionate about changing that relationship that has the potential to be great! I have dedicated my … Read more

Whats up with my brain?

By Cally Closs Do you ever feel like your going through the world and your brain keeps getting in the way, one way or another? For instance how you desperately want to get in shape, clean up your diet and have the body you’ve been longing for. You’re committed, you hit the gym first thing … Read more

Everything That Kills Me

By Valerie Scott Music is a huge part of my life. I can track the passing years according to my favourite songs, and each decade is marked by the songs I listened to over and over.  High school? All the iconic eighties hits, but especially Abba (I know,  I know….but I can’t help loving them), … Read more

Why You Must Embrace The Unknown….

By Hillary Schneider The only thing constant in life is change…. and the unknown. The famous quote about the constant change of life is one I use to say to myself over and over again in my early twenties. I was not a fan of change. Most people aren’t. In my twenties I moved across … Read more


By Cheryl Molenaar I confess that I am not a person who enjoys working out.  I tell myself that I’m practically allergic to it, and yet – I want to be healthy.  Recently I took a personality profile test that even pointed to the fact that I really don’t enjoy a physical workout and that it’s … Read more

What’s the Deal with Happiness?

By Michelle Robindell Lately, Happiness has been a really hot topic. We’re devouring articles like Why Happiness is Healthy and a Formula for Happiness, books such as The Happiness Project, and TED Talks like The Surprising Science of Happiness. There are even art exhibits such as The Happy Show. Why does the subject of Happiness seem to be everywhere these days? … Read more