Why You Must Embrace The Unknown….


By Hillary Schneider

The only thing constant in life is change…. and the unknown.

The famous quote about the constant change of life is one I use to say to myself over and over again in my early twenties. I was not a fan of change. Most people aren’t.

In my twenties I moved across the country 5 times, changed careers about 3 times and was anxiously waiting for the moment where life would just stop and be still, constant and without change so that I could finally settle into something.

The only thing constant in life is change became my mantra and I learned how to embrace it.

I learned that life is about change because it is the nature of being human.

We grow, we evolve, we change. It’s what we do.

The other thing I learned I needed to do was embrace the unknown.

See we as  humans have a bit of a tendency towards being control freaks.

If I only knew. If I could only predict how this was going to happen, what would unfold if I choose that path. Then I would make a decision. Then I would choose, then I would move ahead.

Guess what happened.

I didn’t do much of anything.

Inertia, fear, self-doubt, worry and anxiety. Became my friends.

They whispered to me why I needed to know before I took a leap. Why I had to have control of things that were clearly not mine to have.

Why I needed to stay in the safety of my own comfortable world than risk the potential of whatever danger my fears made up of the unknown.

You know what finally happened.

I hit my wall. The pain of not moving forward, of not doing what I came here to do became stronger than my stubborn self thinking I needed to know how everything turned out first.

It doesn’t happen that way.

When has life every done that?

Life is a mystery.

It’s what makes it beautiful, interesting, compelling and rich.

We are not meant to know the whole picture. To see it before we leap. To know it before we walk.

Otherwise.  It wouldn’t grow us.

Just as change is inevitable so is the unknown.


Here is the thing.

Our fear and inability of embracing the unknown comes from this thing our mind does to us called worse case scenario.

What if I fail.

What if it doesn’t work.

What if I lose everything.

What if I make a fool of myself.

What if I get my heart broken.

What if I get hurt.

So what?

What if you succeed?

What if you step into something amazing

What if you fall in love?

What if you transform someone’s life?

What if you flew?

What if everything was going to be ok?

Life has every chance of working out to the most positive outcome than it does the negative. We just tend to focus on the negative.

It is also is not about where we end up.

That is not the point in life.

We know that saying it’s about the journey not the destination. It’s true.

Not being able to embrace the unknown takes us away from the journey. It robs us of experience, of growth, of love, of laughter and of being alive.

That is what life is about.

Not the what ifs, not the destination, not the status quo.

The sooner you get that.

The sooner you let go.

The sooner you embrace the inevitable.

What life is really about.

The sooner you claim back your life.

You step into being alive.

You follow your bliss.

You find your dreams.

You inspire the world.

You change yours.

And you find the very thing you were meant for in the first place.

Yourself and your connection to the your very source.

Your wisdom, your power your grace.

Than you move mountains.

Then others seek you out.

Because they know you know something they don’t

And they are desperate for it.

They are seeking it.

And then you can remind them of the very thing they have forgotten lives within them.

And then the ripple effect begins

Embrace the unknown. It is your way forward, it is the secret to your success and what is going to bring you to yourself.

And that is the very thing we are all really seeking.

The memory of who it is we really are. The path to getting there. Comes through the unknown mystery of life.

This is the secret. Know this and all the rest will unfold before you.

When I embraced the unknown, when change became my friend.

My life truly began.

I found my purpose deeply and solidly.

I manifested my dreams.

I stepped into success

And I inspired others to theirs.

When I embraced the unknown I found myself.

I found my power.

I found my grace.

And now I am living the way I was meant to.

And now I can show others how to do the same

That is magic of embracing the unknown ways of life.



Hillary Schneider is transformational coach and founder of Epona Rise. She works with those that are seeking greater clarity in their personal mastery and connecting more deeply to their purpose in the world.

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