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By G.R. Hambley

I’ve been a human busily doing. Reading, researching, pondering, noting, accepting, rejecting, compiling, reading the compilation and repeating. Moving it along to where what is relevant and needs to be and then heading back for more.

The learning curve is steep and unending. Applying the theory, science, art and devising practical application that fits my approach and style. You could get lost out there in that forest among all those trees.

No I don’t get lost! I do on occasion can, and do become discombobulated. Don’t we all on occasion? When that happens, I pause, regroup, get my bearings and move the ship on.

Yes there is a standard commonality in the discipline but all coaches bring their own method for getting you to the result.

I listened in on a Webinar the other night, “The Miracle Cure”. I went in opened minded with a touch of desperation. Something of the catastrophic nature I’m involved with drew me there. Searching physically and metaphysically for answers, any answer to the questions my coaching heart and mind kept creating. Leave no stone, rock, branch or twig un-examined. Tis the nature of my beast. The need to know, understand and bring to use in practice.

I was also there for myself. I’m a sufferer of Chronic Pain for more than 25 years. I find something that can work for me and I can bring that along to others in my work.

That dynamic is part of what of what I bring to the table in my practice of the science and art of Coaching. Prepared and ready to kiss, caress, cajole and call on the carpet. I use them all. I call it going up and down the register and I can bring the theatre to go with it if need be.

Now the presenter of the “Miracle Cure” was what I like to call California Cool. Stylin’ indeed. In truth a style I do like, just not for myself. I got style too. I’m earthier. No I’m not profane. I’m not much of a user of those words and never have been. I’m more matter of fact, more down in the bottom of the river where the good stuff grows.

The webinar was informative. I found a couple new paths to walk down on my quest for the answer. I will be bringing what I found with me for the future benefit of those that I work with.

The host was specific, before and after delivering the cure, were your issue a health issue rather than a mind over it matters or an emotional issue, “The Miracle Cure” may not have the full or any effect. Were your issue health related it could take longer for the effect to take and it could take more than one instance for the cure to take.

There are a number of factors in the cure and I’m not going go in to the detail depth for a couple reasons. One it wasn’t something I delivered and two, I’d have to spend much more time deciphering my notes to give the whole process justice and it would still be incomplete.
In the proverbial nutshell it is pick one thing to be rid of and one thing only. Then realization, examination, sensation, feeling and mindset are used with a cleansing breath to rid you of that one thing.

Naturally enough I went with the pain caused by osteoarthritis. No effect. To be fair I wasn’t able to give my full concentration to the exercise or exorcise if you prefer.

In the moment I’ve rejected any idea that “The Miracle Cure” can be of benefit to what I’m doing. I will revisit at another time to see if it can be beneficial to myself and those I work with. I do have that open mind and need to explore this further before accepting or rejecting completely.

I can see and understand why for many they felt relieved or cured. When you put that much focus and energy on one thing, one spot, with the attention demanded, when you’re told to let it go you are naturally going to feel better. You’re going to feel better because you’ve just released a great burden.

Don’t you always feel cleansed, better, when you’ve let something of magnitude go? I know I feel so much better, even a slight euphoria when I’ve let a few things go that had me in distress.

Visualization is something I am proponent of. Use it for myself and with people I work with because it works. In my own case one of the things I can do is lower my own blood pressure. You add in physical sensation with the visualization and it works even better!

For Blood Pressure, the mind is the accelerator, the heart is the engine and you can feel the gas running through the lines. The gas lines are your carotid arteries and the gas is your blood.

On my current journey, explicitly in the last few days I’ve been seriously exposed to a couple other channels for my mind to tune in on.

Over the last few days of search to destroy there has been a plethora of information. I’m exposed, cognizant, aware. I now have Reflexology and Qigong Therapy to study. I was also directed to a book, “Tao Te Ching” and was told by the kind one who responded to my requests that with my ability, I would be able to be understanding and to develop my own Qigong Therapy. That is a task for the future because in the moment I just aint got the time.

I’ve also delved in to “The Peace Process” or “The Healing Code” over the last few days on this current journey. Both have merit and I will explore them further at another time.

So much information and my assimilation of the data is taking far too long. Putting time constraints on myself that while are of great importance, are not in the moment hypercritical.

The fact is I’m running hot and the turns are coming fast. Time to take my own advice and watch those turns. Don’t wanna be going in too hot, miss the apex of this turn, or if you prefer, “the limits of grip” and crash the wall. That’ll hurt!

So I’m just going to come in to this turn a little softer, keep my grip and power out! Ultimately better for me and therefore better for the individual I’m working with and whomever I work with in the future.
Time to sleep and when I wake it, will again be time to do.

G.R. Hambley ©

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