5 Reasons Why Freelancing Beats a 9-5 Job

The no-pants, no-boss, no-fixed-income, no-commute culture, call it what you will, is on the rise all over the world, and it certainly has the potential to become the predominant way of earning a living in the modern era. Yes, freelancing has become so desirable and well-organized that even those with full-time jobs opt for an occasional freelancing gig on the side.

But what makes it so much more appealing than the traditional, office-bound workplace? Although it does have its downsides as well, freelancing truly offers several key perks over your 9-to-5 career, and the following are the top ones that lead people to make the switch.

1.      Several sources of income

Most people believe that a traditional office job means greater financial security. But the truth is, when you are good at what you do, and have developed solid strategies to find and reach new clients, freelancing gives you the chance to earn much more than with a fixed salary.

Yes, you do need to pay your own social, medical, dental and other benefits, but the financial freedom that comes from always having several ongoing projects lets you invest in areas of your life that you find the most important. And even when one client wraps up their contract with you, the market is still growing fast, and is eager to embrace more freelancers of your potential.

2.      Greater control over your work hours

If you have the discipline and self-control to be able to monitor yourself and keep deadlines you’ve set for yourself (or agreed to with your client), you can organize your day any way you like. Some people are more inspired to work early in the morning, or very late at night, others prefer the mid-day energy boost after their exercise routine.

It comes down to the fact that on some days you may have to work longer hours, while sometimes you’ll spend your Wednesday free as a bird, because you’ve finished work earlier and you’re now able to spend some time shopping, reading, hiking, or whatever makes you happy.

3.      Flexibility to organize your healthy lifestyle

With a flexible schedule, you can finally accomplish those health goals that have been plaguing your New Year’s resolutions lists for years. You can master meal prepping and have a week of home-cooked meals you can enjoy while working, or after you’re done with a project, and finally get used to monitoring your snacking habit that can get out of control when you’re under office pressure and you skip lunch.

Not to mention that you can now finally hit the gym any time of the day and whenever you please during the week, as you can organize your schedule around your workouts, and vice versa. All you need to do is pack your gear, your towel and water and enjoy your training session. Plus, you can finally get to use your favorite gym stringers more, and look as good as you have always wanted.

4.      Freedom to choose your clients

Although you’ll likely not be too picky to begin with, in order to gain some traction and experience in the market, soon you’ll be able to refuse projects you wouldn’t enjoy, or working with people whom you don’t find all that pleasant, respectable or who don’t share your values.

When you develop your network of associates, a strong client base and other freelancers to exchange work with, you’d be amazed at various job offers, networking and other opportunities that arise out of those conversations.

5.      You’re not location-bound

There’s always the perk of not having to sit in meetings, and you can set up your own Skype calls at your own convenience, stick to e-mail correspondence or even travel to your client’s office if it works for both of you.

But one of the most coveted benefits of freelancing is your ability to work remotely from any location that has the basics you need – an internet connection, your computer and other digital gadgets specific to your profession. Now’s your chance to work on your next blogging assignment from a sun-kissed terrace somewhere in the Bahamas.