5 Habits that Hinder Your Success

There are many hurdles on the road to success, and some of them were placed there by our own misgivings and mistakes. In order to come up in life, you have to get your priorities straight, build good habits, and be prepared to go all the way. With the multitude of challenges we need to face in life, there is absolutely no need to add fuel to the fire and burn our bridges to the other side, where the grass looks greener and the people are merrier.


Plan, plan, plan

Planning is the favorite hobby of today, a comforting, yet misleading notion that you are actually doing something. The formula should be work, work, work, you know. The best of plans are not worth the paper they are written on without making an effort to turn them into reality. Do not just browse job offers online, get your foot in the door. Great opportunities must not slip through your fingers, no matter how small the chances are. Inactivity and fear are paralyzing shackles, something you must break if you mean business.

External motivations

We all have an ace up our sleeves, yet we cannot hope to hold all the aces. Many people, however, compare themselves with others and try to live to their expectations. Well, bosses, friends, partners, parents, these people may be successful, but they do not know what is it like to walk in your shoes. Often, by trying to adjust to all those expectations, you are facing an uphill battle, and actually jeopardizing good relations. So, avoid going on a fool’s errands, and follow others only when it is reasonable to do so.

Time and time again

It is mind-boggling how much time we as a people spend obsessing over things that do not matter. How many likes we have on Facebook, or what comments were made in our absence are the least of your concerns when you have to face yourself. It is only natural to worry about imperfections, but we must know how to rise above the predicament.  Moreover, try to always indulge yourself in moderation: Smoking cannabis occasionally, for example, leaves no negative effects, unlike becoming a real pothead.

The pitfalls of success and failure

Even when the dice seem to be loaded, you must not cry over spilled milk, as it will not get you anywhere. On the other hand, the weight of guilt can be perilous when it rests on your shoulders for too long. A certain amount of negativity and self-critique are cornerstones of success, which cannot be said for judging yourself to harsh, being a sore loser, and despairing in the wake of the fizzle. And when you manage to nail a task, do not rest on your laurels and move on to the next challenge in line.

Small gains

The more time you spend talking, sinking in regret, and busting your head, the less time you invest in becoming more successful. Look at each new day as an opportunity to prove your worth, learn something new, and establish connections. Small changes and lifestyle adjustments, when they add up, make all the difference. Set reminders, pull together a weekly schedule, assemble a personal budget, and say no to time-wasting activities. In a way, dreams are like children: left on their own, they simply cannot survive and thrive.

War is never lost

One of the greatest enemies in life is yourself, so do not fall at the first hurdle. Succeed by design, and do not rely on dumb luck. Learn how to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, and steer clear of treacherous habits. Remember that bragging about your big dreams and ideas is as helpful as the barking of stray dogs in the street. Be a true warrior: rise and shine in the morning, and do not entertain self-pity and hopelessness when going to bed.