Are Your College Degree and Your Working Future Still Related?

College degrees are not valued as they used to be, this much is true, but this doesn’t mean that having one can’t go a long way in procuring a safe source of income for you at some point in your life. Furthermore, even if your college degree is unrelated to your target profession, it might help you get a desired job, by reassuring your employers that you are capable of being diligent and meeting deadlines. So how does a college degree impact your working future?

Depending on your personality and interest, your college education may have different impact on your life, but this is also based on being in the right place at the right time. Seeing as how you cannot really influence the latter, let’s explore the opportunities that having a college degree can bring.

A larger number of different job choices


Many think that after they’ve graduated, their inboxes will be overflowing with a variety of job offers. This is a common misconception, as it might take some time until you get a satisfactory job position. After a couple of months of job searching, without a college degree, you will probably end up settling for whatever you can find, which can lead to a high dissatisfaction with what you are doing. With a college degree, the window of opportunities is significantly larger and, regardless of what you’ve majored in, there are many positions that require only a college degree, with no other specification. As Confucius said: “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day.”

Higher income

While some professions do not really require a degree, the highest-paying ones – engineering, IT and business – cannot be performed without graduating from the respective college. If you are aiming at having a sustainable pay and leading a luxurious lifestyle, you should make yourself aware of the fact that you’ll probably need to finish school for this.

New Contacts


Knowledge isn’t the only benefit of going to college. No, we are definitely not talking about partying here, but about meeting new contacts. Friendships made in college tend to last a lifetime, and being surrounded with a lot of different people, with different views can turn out to be very useful – you might even get a partnership from this and that will surely lead you to business success.

Residence possibilities

Being a student has its privileges, especially when it comes to residence. For example, Student Accommodation in Brisbaneis somewhat generous towards students, making it easy for them to find a place to stay during their studies.

Getting Promoted

Getting employed isn’t the only part of an average person’s working life. Although getting paid might seem awesome at first, the desire for more will soon kick in, leading you into wanting to get promoted. There are a lot of middle-aged professionals with outstanding careers out there that have opted for going to school later in life, in order to earn better wages. However, at this point in life, studying becomes more difficult, not to mention all other obligations that you don’t have as a young individual, such as providing for your family and taking care of your kids. A college degree makes it easy for you to climb up the ladder and we still live in an era where progressing up the business food chain isn’t really easy without a major.

Having a college degree is more than simply owning a piece of paper. In addition to all the mentioned benefits, it serves as your own confirmation that you’ve finished something, that you have the expertise necessary to do the job and as a motivation for your kids to try and follow in your footsteps. College degrees haven’t been made obsolete just yet!