How to Deal with Burnout?

It is peculiar how quickly we surrender to established patterns and routines and get entangled in the matrix of daily realities and complexities. We follow the line of least resistance: it seems to be easier that way, until it becomes unbearable. Of course, it is the easiest thing in the world to tell someone to work and stress out less, but things are seldom as simple in practice. Facing the root of the problem is a daunting task, but you cannot afford to let burnout become your occupational hazard.

Close to the edge

Do you frequently feel on edge? Does adrenaline constantly course through your body? If so, you are among the millions of people who are affected by the hustle and bustle of modern life. The business world, in particular, is a tumultuous, stress-packed environment that has made stress the plague of the modern age. The American Psychology Association has listed finances as well as family responsibilities as the major sources of stress among adults.

The biter truth is that we cannot avoid stress completely. Then again, some people manage to get through the day with a bang. How come? Well, let us meet the menace first. The term burnout refers to a mental or physical collapse that is the result of overwork or high levels of stress. It is often followed by a sense of disengagement, impeded focus, and short attention spans. Many people also garner resentment, snap at people in an instant, and struggle with sleeping.

It feels like a jungle sometimes

Eventually, under such a burden, we come apart at the seams. In order to prevent this train wreck, it is of the utmost importance to identify these early warning signs of burnout. And in case you experience them on a regular basis, know that it is high time to change the mental tape and your habits. One thing you must do is to focus on your needs and wants. Find more time for yourself and the things you love and your favorite hobbies.

Slow it down. You cannot always be in a hurry. You may be on a tight schedule, but chances are that you have your poor time management to thank for that. Ditch self-defeating behavior and get organized. Stop making excuses and blaming others for your own predicament. It is your life and nobody else should hold the reigns, be it a tangible person like your boss or all-encompassing leviathan like the urban jungle you live in.

Melt the stress away

At work, take short but frequent breaks. Get some rejuvenating fresh air and sunlight.  Grab a glass of fresh water and stretch your legs. Take a day off and relax. Even better, you can go on a mini vacation and leave the overwhelming daily grind behind. Build good habits and small rituals. Discover what floats your boat: some decide to turn to medical cannabis flower, others go for a bottle of fine beer, a long hot bath, sitting in a sunny spot, and you need to find that one thing that will always have the power to relax you.  

One thing everyone should definitely consider is exercising. Physical activity is the guardian of both mental and physical health. It is also effective at reducing the levels of stress and emotional fatigue. There is no better way to combat stress, pressure, and anxiety than to harness the immense power of good, healthy habits. Finally, reconnect with the people around you. Schedule regular social activities and do not burn your bridges. Anyone who plays with fire always gets burnt.

Recharge your batteries

Many are those who feel hot under their collar, yet only some of them make an effort to cool down. If you mean to count yourself among the latter, you have to know your enemy, and take preventive measures. Escape the tedious rat race and the vicious cycle of everyday obligations. Take a break every now and then and rewind. You should be able to rise and shine in the morning and effortlessly drift away to dreamland in the evening.