From “quiet” and “shy” to Free & Fully Expressed!

First, I thought I was shy. Then, I thought I was just quiet.

Then, when I had my spiritual awakening and received my gifts fully, I understood why.

I could be labelled as shy, quiet, or “slow to know” because I hadn’t yet mastered myself.

Because I am an empath, one who senses and picks up on others energy, I often held back, didn’t speak up, and generally kept to myself more than normal to subconsciously protect myself.

This didn’t stop me from helping others. Through working with students, homeless men, the disabled, elderly, and more I was able to deeply connect with those I served and help them in the way that only I could. But I was still “shy” and “quiet” and generally felt like there was more waiting for me. There was. 

Now that I have learned to work with my gifts and master my own energy I have more energy, am more outgoing, friendly, have greater connections with others, see as many clients in a day I want, and can go to huge events and not get the life sucked out of me.

For example, yesterday I went to the White Caps soccer game in Vancouver where there was 100,000 fans. I was able to stay centered, grounded, and present and even had enough energy to get some work done when I got home later that evening.

Now, through mastering myself and my gifts, I feel free living as my authentically expressed Self and it feels amazing!

How did I do it? It certainly didn’t happen over night and there was a time when I was so sensitive and my gifts were growing that I couldn’t do much other than go to work and meditate. And work was wild. At that time, working with hundreds of colleagues and thousands of guests, I could see and feel everything that was happening for everyone and any one just by looking at them. It was overwhelming for months!

I know this is happening for more and more sensitive person’s, empath’s and holistic healers. Even those who may not identify as such may be experiencing heightening of the senses naturally, but not really know how to deal with it.

Yesterday I saw a picture on FB that said “The energies coming to earth are so powerful now that everything not of love is being pushed to the surface for healing.”

In my experience, and the experience of my clients, this is absolutely true and can feel uneasy for many.

I don’t want anyone to go through this experience alone, or in silence, so I hosted a free class to discuss Empathy in detail, and how to master this trait in a way that serves you and humanity. Check it out here.

Through my journey I have learned several ways that empaths and holistic healers can master their energy and gifts and I shared the best ones in the class.

The world needs you shining at our best and you are fully supported by the Divine in living as your authentic self.

With Love,


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